About Us

Nuvo operates a bit like a restaurant. We have a kitchen in the shop, our ingredients get delivered early each morning and we furiously start preparing everything from that point onwards, all in the midst of producing breakfast, coffee and juices for our early customers. Most of the stuff we do is made to order, or just very slightly before we think you might need it during the busy times. A big concern of our's is the amount of food wasted in food outlets these days and by making to order we are able to reduce this significantly. Every little helps someone once said. The other thing we are big on is providing a balanced choice - we have a range of ultra healthy to ultra indulgent products - so you can choose how to get your health balance right. Too much emphasis these days is placed on the latest fad diet or product. We like to keep on top of what is happening in the market in terms of the next new food or ingredient, but our sound advice is to eat a balanced range of foods, mix up your colours, look out for slow release energy, try to go for the good fats, watch your overall calories and make sure you indulge yourself every once in a while :-). We have an innovative range of recipes for sourdough flatwiches, super salads, crispy wraps & juices. We ground our first Monmouth coffee bean over a decade ago long before the bearded Scandinavians with beanies had even heard of a tamper. We focus on freshness and flavour, but then everybody says that, so maybe the best thing to do is pop in or order online and give Nuvo a go for yourself!